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​​Our mission is to create a document that employers are looking for that is written using keywords and elements that will grab their attention.


How It Works

Employment Consulting Services​​​

We can handle all of your employment needs.​​​​​​

Resume Writing

Select your consulting package based on your career level. Receive 1 on 1 consulting based on your schedule. Receive first draft delivery within 3 days with unlimited revisions. Final resume draft delivered to you in Microsoft Word and PDF. No hidden fees.

LinkedIn Makeover

92% of Recruiters use LinkedIn to find high quality candidates. Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level. Medley Employment Consulting can turn it into a powerful tool that spotlights your skills, experience, and impresses your network of connections.

Interview Preparation Service

Be prepared for your next interview and you will succeed. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you will receive 1 on 1 coaching to provide you with the skills and confidence you will need to succeed in your next interview and land you into the right job.

Strengths Assessment

Start taking responsibility for your strengths. It’s one thing to focus on your weaknesses but focusing on areas where you are naturally gifted is the first step in offering your strengths out into the world. You, and you alone can recognize and identify your strengths.

Career Coaching

If you are doing something you truly enjoy, it shouldn’t feel like work at all. Ideally, you should feel a sense of alignment between your work and your values. It’s only in that space of overlap that a genuine sense of career gratification becomes possible.

Optional Expedited Service

Guaranteed, 24 hour expedited delivery of your resume or your money back. This is an add-on service for faster turnaround. The resume quality remains the same even if you are in a hurry.


Plans & Pricing

How it Works

Choose Your Service Level

Select your consulting package based on your needs and career level.

Meet Dean for 1 on 1 Consultation

Medley Employment Consulting will work around your schedule for a 1 on 1 phone or video conference consultation to discuss your background and experience.

Receive First Draft Delivery within Days

Medley Employment Consulting will discuss the first draft of your resume with you and offer unlimited revisions before your final draft is delivered to you in both Microsoft Word and PDF format.